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The Gas House

The Gas House is a portable, outdoor structure built to the highest safety standards. The device - used in the technological process of aerosol components produced in the plants' production lines - separates the zone with the highest risk of explosion from the production hall, thanks to which the building and the personnel remain safe.

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How does Gas House work?

An AMR is placed in the gasification container to fill the cans with gas. The process takes place automatically, without operator intervention (apart from setting up the machine before the production starts). If the gas concentration increases, its supply is cut off. The entire construction is covered with sheet metal, while the structure and the centre of the container is covered with a stainless steel layer. All ventilation ducts are made of stainless steel. Gas House has a lightweight roof construction.

Gas House is designed to ensure safety when filling aerosols with gas by:

  • two-stage ventilation to prevent the formation of explosive mixtures,
  • use of EX-rated electrical equipment,
  • construction of the container walls to ensure that the shock wave from the explosion is transmitted through the roof.


The device is equipped with:

  • a highly efficient ventilation system with two fans that exchange the air inside the container several times a minute,
  • heating system against freezing of the gas heads,
  • gas shut-off valves with a sensitive gas detection system,
  • CCTV monitoring to monitor separately what is happening inside the AMR and to be able to react to danger at an early stage.
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By relying on proven automated solutions, you increase productivity, quality and speed of production, reducing the risk of wasted time during the production process due to equipment faults and breakdowns - thus reducing costs. The Solmatic automatic lines are capable of filling up to 120 cans per minute.

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Our machines have short set-up times, so you are able to maintain a smooth and flexible production process. With Solmatic machines you do not waste valuable set-up time - you produce more and do not generate unnecessary costs.

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All Solmatic machines are covered under warranty. We provide an online warranty service to assist our customers remotely, wherever they are. Our expert technicians carry out periodic inspections. We have a wide range of proven spare parts (if during a technical inspection a part needs to be replaced - we can provide this service immediately). Our representatives are present in the largest markets in order to respond to our customers' needs on an ongoing basis.

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