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Spare parts & service
Spare parts

Continuity of production, repeatability of processes and stability in terms of maintaining quality are key issues for production plants. In order to meet these conditions, efficient and tailored equipment is required. That is why periodic machine inspections are so important. We offer our customers spare parts for machines, maintenance and service, taking care to act as quickly as possible and to the greatest possible benefit for the customer.

It is normal for the most intensively used machine parts to wear out. We keep the majority of our wear parts in stock, and in our largest markets we have partners who are close to our customers. All of this is done in order to deliver parts in the shortest possible time, subject to availability. We also have parts compatible with machines from other manufacturers. Most parts are dispatched in less than 24 hours. If we do not have a part in stock, we produce it as a priority.

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Why us?
Components of the highest quality

The quality of components used in the production process often determines not only the efficiency of the machine, but also the safety of employees who operate it. We never use cheap, worn-out substitutes or second-hand parts. Most of our equipment is made of stainless steel resistant to mechanical damage.

Functionality and efficiency

We adapt our products to the customers' expectations, but we never do so at the expense of efficiency. All modifications are made so that the functionality of the machine becomes an additional asset alongside its high efficiency.

Detailed manual and training

We do not just offer a product, we provide detailed instructions on how to use it. We also train your staff on how to work with our machines.

Warranty service

All Solmatic machines come with a warranty. We also provide an online warranty service. We help our customers remotely, no matter where they are. Our expert technicians carry out periodic inspections. We have a wide range of proven spare parts, so if a part needs to be replaced during a technical inspection, we can do it right away.

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