Manual machines

Our range of manual perfume filling machines includes a pneumatic perfume filling machine NPD and a pneumatic atomiser crimper RZZ.

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Pneumatic perfume filler

The pneumatic perfume filler is a pneumatic device with a single filling vacuum head. The machine allows filling bottles of virtually any shape to a predetermined level with surgical precision and repeatability. At the end of the filling cycle, excess liquid is sucked into a reservoir. The machine is ideal for small scale production and laboratory use due to its high flexibility and very low running costs. We recommend its use for filling primarily glass or metal containers - plastic only if the neck is made of thick plastic. All parts of the device which come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel or certified silicone.

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Pneumatic atomiser crimper

The pneumatic atomiser crimper is a device powered solely by compressed air. It is equipped with a single head for external atomizer crimping on containers. Thanks to the convenient "press to crimp" system, the operator can operate the machine with only one hand. It is possible to order crimping jaws for atomisers with different diameters, which can be replaced in no time. Crimping is very fast and reproducible, making it possible to close a large number of containers in a short time. The machine has additional holes for attaching to the tabletop for even greater stability. It is particularly suitable for small-scale production and laboratory use due to its high flexibility, efficiency and very low running costs. All mechanical components are made of stainless steel.

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Why us?
Individual project

You get one hundred percent personalised, tailor-made technological solutions, comprehensive service and support before, during and after the project.

High performance

Our range includes machines capable of filling up to 60 cans per minute.

Durable raw materials

Most of our equipment is made of stainless steel resistant to mechanical damage. All machines undergo performance and safety tests before being delivered to the customer.

Warranty service

All Solmatic machines come with a warranty. We also provide an online warranty service. We help our customers remotely, no matter where they are. Our expert technicians carry out periodic inspections. We have a wide range of proven spare parts, so if a part needs to be replaced during a technical inspection, we can do it right away.

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