What distinguishes aerosols produced according to the Bag-On-Valve technology from traditional ones? Products filled with this technology can be emptied up to 99%! The product is separated from the propellant, making BOV a state-of-the-art solution that rapidly gains popularity in the most rigorous industries.


How do machines with BOV technology work?

BOV machines - just like traditional machines - are driven by compressed air. The difference is the technology in which air - instead of propellant - is used to dispense the product from the can. The BOV consists of an aerosol valve with a bag attached to it. The container is filled with a non-flammable gas (usually air or nitrogen) and the bag with the product. The product is applied as the bag is squeezed by the gas pressure inside the can when the dispenser is pressed.


Advantages of BOV

BOV technology requires less machinery because there is no use of flammable gases therefore it ensures safety on the production floor by not having to use harmful or explosive propellants in the aerosol filling process.

The product, which is filled using BOV technology, is placed in a sealed bag inside the container so that the propellant cannot contaminate it - this guarantees the highest level of hygiene.

End-customer convenience is also important and can significantly influence consumer choices and sales growth - modern BOV technology allows the product to be sprayed in any aerosol position.

As a conscious machine manufacturer, we have ecology in mind. BOV technology is more environmentally friendly than traditional aerosol filling methods. Furthermore, it creates products that are almost 100 per cent used up by consumers.


Disadvantages of BOV

For balance - it is worth mentioning the disadvantages that are associated with the use of BOV technology. With BOV, the product dispensing pressure decreases as the can is being emptied, in contrast to standard aerosols where the pressure is virtually the same regardless of how much product is left in the can.


BOV Solmatic machines

Solmatic offer range includes automatic machines, semi-automatic machines as well as measuring and laboratory instruments. Our machines guarantee high performance - Solmatic machines for BOV technology are capable of filling up to 60 cans per minute!

We provide our clients with an individual project, i.e. fully personalized, tailor-made technological solutions, comprehensive service and professional support before, during and after the project.

Due to its sanitary advantages, BOV technology is used primarily in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Therefore, metal parts of the machines are made of high-quality stainless steel, and all seals and parts in contact with the product are made of materials that meet the highly stringent requirements of these industries.

Thanks to the use of robust raw materials and our performance and safety tests, Solmatic machines provide many years of functionality.

A large number of sensors and an intuitive program operated from the PLC panel make it possible to monitor the production process at virtually every stage. The operator has control over e.g. the quality of valve crimping, reading of air pressure in the can and the pressure of the final product or its weight. It is also possible to wash the valve after the filling process, thus preventing microbiological processes.

All Solmatic machines come with a warranty. We also provide an online warranty service, so that we can assist our customers remotely, no matter where they are. Our expert technicians carry out periodic check-ups, which are essential for machines and equipment to run smoothly. We stock a wide range of most crucial spare parts, so that we can help our customers quickly. Thus, if during a technical inspection it turns out that a part needs to be replaced, we can provide this service immediately.


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